Blu's Commissions


Ordering & Payment

  • I reserve the right to decline and cancel a commission for any reason with a proper refund given.

  • Full payment will be given before I start work. I can accept payment plans for commissions that are 50$ or more.

  • Payment will be given through Paypal invoice.

  • It may take one week or more to finish your commission, depending on how many other commissions I have and my availability. Please do be patient. If there is a deadline that must be met then please let me know.

  • A sketch of your commission will be sent to you, so that you may approve of it or ask for changes before I continue with the process. Once the sketch is approved you can no longer ask for any major changes ( Different pose, different clothing, adding a character, etc ) Any changes after the sketch will cost an additional 10% fee for each change.

  • All progress shots will have large watermarks on them, to prevent theft.


  • You may use your commissioned art for personal use and repost it, provided that you give me credit.

  • You may not use your commissioned art to make profit. Do NOT use my art for NFTs.

  • You are allowed to edit your commissioned art (change colors, add effects, etc) but you must still give me credit for the original art, and you must not remove the watermark.

  • I have the right to use your commissioned art to promote myself.


  • If you would like a refund before I finish your commission, then please let me know, I will send you back the correct amount. Please know that once you receive the refund, work on your commission will be canceled.

  • Once your commission is completely finished, you can not request a refund.

  • Do not request a Paypal chargeback if you are to receive a refund, I will send you back the correct amount.

Character Design Rules

  • You are free to do what you want with designs you purchase or earn from me, as long as you don't make such drastic changes to the design itself that it no longer resembles the original design at all.

  • You can only resell if you got the design with money. Otherwise if you did not use money to get a design from me, you can only trade or gift it.

  • If you want to resell a design, you can only resell it for the price you got it for or lower. You may raise the price if it has commissioned art with it.

  • If you have a toyhouse account please let me know, I'd be happy to transfer the design to you there!

  • You must credit me for the design and any art of it from me.

  • I have the right to take back any design for any reason I see fit.

  • I Will Draw: Anthro characters, Feral characters, Fandom characters, Monsters, Blood and gore

  • I Can Draw But With Some Difficulty: Humans, Robots, Complex designs, Scenery

  • I Will Not Draw: Politics, Hateful content towards a person or group

  • I Will Model: Anthro characters, Feral characters

  • I Can Model But With Some Difficulty: Clothing, Complex designs

  • I Will Not Model: Politics, Hateful content towards a person or group, Humans (for now)

For anything 3D, I use Blender!


Sculpt / Model

  • Bust: 70$

  • Half: 85$

  • Fullbody: 100$

  • Rigging: + 30$

  • Texturing: + 20$